Sunday, August 16, 2009

Prayers appreciated!

Please pray for my sweet sister this week as she plays Florence Nightingale to me, starting tomorrow with a scheduled noon surgery. (Lifting me up in prayer as I go through this health trial would be a special gift to me...and very much APPRECIATED, too!) Your prayers are precious to our Creator!

You might want to pray for two special nieces, as well. They have both promised their mom that they will help Aunt Kristy as she recuperates at home for several weeks. (Bless their poor hearts...can you imagine anything more wretched than bringing your auntie ointments and creams for her giant scar? Or walking her dogs for her? Or bringing her a pain pill so you don't have to listen to her moaning in the next room?)'d better PRAY HARD and PRAY OFTEN for the residents of this house/hospital wing!

And since I feel like such a beggar now that I've shamefully solicited your prayers, it is time to do something for you. This one will be an especially nice present for my parents, who are HUGE Molly Ivins fans. Enjoy!


Melanie said...

Hey Kristy, I'll be praying for you! Karen said she'd update us on fb to let us know that you are doing just fine!! (That is what I'm expecting to hear anyways!) :)

I enjoyed the Molly Ivens piece that you posted, but I have to admit, it took me a while to understand that when she kept saying 'ort' she was really meaning 'art'! LOL :) :)

Kirsten said...

Kristy, you know all of Madison will be sending up a prayer for you today...what more do you want?!? Oh, yeah, this is Madison MM! not Madison, Wi :-)

Anyway, hang in there girl and come back soon. You know what trouble I get in when you're not around! And you will have to come back and get those kids I ran off back into the library :-)

Would you call me before you go off to the hospital? I'll have my cell with me and will give you a message from MMS! and from you to them!

I don't want to be calling and bothering you with anything! so, call my cell and 'hear me cry'!