Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Today's guest blogger=my niece, TAYLOR! (aka "Tate," "Tater Tot," Tater Spot," "Tay Tay," "Sport," "Super Sport,"...well, you get the idea...)

Ohhhh... the adventures I have with my Aunt Kristy and Bethany. This past Thursday, (August 6th), we went to the one, the only, THE RED HOUSE! This is the furniture store where credit is extended to ALL PEOPLE!

I hand-wrote the directions from our house in Charlotte to our wonderful ending point, making it hard to tell if we were supposed to turn left onto Tyvola Rd. or make a u-turn and head to Transylvania. The entire trip was one never to be forgotten. Once we arrived at The Red House, we all took turns gathering in front of the sign and taking pictures, making the workers in the store and people passing by turn their heads.

Aunt Kristy had to get the perfect angle of the sign so she now has about eight pictures on her camera of it.

After that, we walked inside as if we were normal furniture shoppers, just wanting a new coffee table, when in reality, we wanted to run up and hug "Big Head" and "10 Gauge" with all our might (at least me and Kristy). Johnny ("10 Gauge") briskly walked up to us and introduced himself making me freak out and stare. After all of us talked to him a little about how far we had traveled and telling him how wonderful he was (that comment was from me, of course), we started walking around the store. I soon spotted the perfect thing to buy, a Red House t-shirt. After freaking out Aunt Kristy, Bethany, and I were invited into the back with 10 Gauge to look at the sizes.

We all took pictures of him handing the shirts to us and then took pictures of hugging him, that's right, hugging him. WE HAD OUR ARMS AROUND 10 GAUGE!

10 Gauge then told us that most people like to hold his 10 Gauge. We walked into his office and he threw his gun at Bethany wanting her to hold it. She immediately took it and got her picture taken under his deer head mounted to the wall, Kristy, taking the picture, tried to avoid the naughty half-naked girl calender on the wall.

We all then followed with the taking pictures of ourselves and the gun. Later, after walking past the ovens, I realized what this trip was for me--a dream come true, so I of course had to share my feelings with Bethany making her mock and laugh hysterically.

After exploring the best store of all time, we sadly had to leave, but 10 Gauge made it so that we could never forget our trip to The Red House. He kindly gave us his last two flashlights with batteries (of course having The Red House address on them, making it easier for our return in a few weeks). He also gave us a magnet for the refrigerator, so that every time we get out some food, we can think about how we would love to be eating this hamburger with 10 Gauge. Lastly, he gave us business cards just for the scrapbook. Isn't he wonderful? Aunt Kristy, Bethany, and I walked up to the counter and bought our MAGNIFICENT t-shirts, which I preferred over a book for my birthday.

Kristy was not too happy with my choice, but was glad I was such a nut about The Red House. 10 Gauge, just being his sweet self, gave us a little price break on the shirts. He handed us our receipt, then we slowly walked out of the awesome store hugging him on the way. As we got into the car, I kept reminding myself how lucky I was to have visited, The Red House...where black people, white people, hixspanic, and ALL people can buy furniture!

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Steelerfan06 said...

Taylor sure loves her Aunt Kristy...and apparently Ten Gauge. If I'd known that, I wouldn't have let her go to The Red House. I don't like the way he jumped on that mattress, all familiar like.
Good story Tate!