Friday, August 21, 2009

Want the Straight Dope?

Watch the three videos here, on Kester's blog. Watch all three...and be prepared to do some thinking...

P.S. Home from the hospital. (HOME! What a wonderful word.) Sat down last night to make a list of all the kindnesses shown to me since this awful surgery was announced...and hardly made a dent. Jesi's parents praying for me in Africa, our preacher showing up with a 4-pack of bath tissue when he heard I was doing the colon prep (he also prayed with us and helped me celebrate the liquid portion of the Lord's Supper), flowers, food, visits, phone calls, dog chewies for my babies (thanks, Carol!) and so much more.

Can you imagine having so many nice things done for you that you have a hard time remembering them all to make a list? My cup runneth over...and my heart is so happy. As long as I don't look down at the staples holding my tummy together, all is WONDERFUL!

Karen and her girls (Team Nightingale) are the ones you want caring for you in an emergency. They are patient and kind and go the extra mile to make me feel special. What a blessing!! Oh, and Kirsten? I feel sorry for anyone who doesn't have a friend like Kirsten. She can do anything. She and Libby can make things happen by sheer force of will!

Time to take a shower and try to walk a little...friends are bringing me SOUP, the world's best food, for lunch.

God bless us, every one!


The Dynamic Uno said...

Just think of all the reading and blogging you'll accomplish. :) I'm sending prayers from Florida that you have a quick recovery so you can be a bright light for those kiddos.

Melanie said...

You must be a real special blessing to those around you to be recieving all these blessings! :))

Wish I lived closer... Lots of Love to you my friend!!


Kelli said...

I'd like to drop in on you tomorrow afternoon if you're up for it.

If you are up for it, I might even bring some vittles! I was thinking that I'd bring this fabulous "hero loaf": it's kind of a deli-sandwich-marries-fresh-baked-bread thing. I thought it might go nice with all that soup you're eating? Do you care for ham, pepperoni, provolone, and olives? (Or, what would be your ideal sandwich fixings to bake inside a loaf of bread?)

mad4books said...

KELLI! Whatever you bring will be delicious...especially if it involves the ingredients you named and a little Parmesan!!

God bless you for thinking of me. Don't even worry about it, if you get busy! (Oh, and sometimes it takes me a while to get to the door so you may want to call me a few minutes before you arrive so I can Granny Shuffle in that direction!)