Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tickled! Absolutely tickled!

Madison Middle School and Kirsten and I are in this month's Texas Fish and Game magazine, y'all!! (Get there as fast as you can...don't know how long that link is good!)

And here's the best part...check out God's perfect timing: Kirsten couldn't find this article until I was in the hospital, so she was forced to read it to me AS I LAY IN A HOSPITAL BED! It was the very best kind of pick-me-up, and it really lifted my spirits. (Well, the morphine drip really should get MOST of the credit.)

The school principal and AISD superintendent have both read Cali's story, too! Thanks, Cali! You are the best PR man our humble little library has ever had! God bless you and your family...and here's hoping you ALL get to come to Abilene next time.

P.S. Forget about planes...you don't need no stinkin' planes! Just throw The Whole Family in the car and make The Trek Across Texas! (The snacks are better when you drive, anyway!)


Troy M. Stirman said...

Hey, that's great! Kudos to your dad for making me aware. (Honestly, I've never heard of this writer or his magazine, so now I will have to start looking for it.)

Great PR for you, the Library, the School and the students!

-Troy Stirman

Steelerfan06 said...

Calixto Gonzales? Interesting name for someone who looks like he could be our cousin. Looks like a Jerry to me.

Great article and high praise to you and the school.