Saturday, March 03, 2007

"Saturday! Saturday!"

I think the Bay City Rollers said it best with their 1970s ode to Saturday...the most laid-back day of the week.

Don't feel like taking a shower? Skip it. Need to take a shower? Take it. Want to cook? Take all day to assemble ingredients, load up an audio book, and spend hours in the kitchen. Sick of cooking? Run to Ann Thai for yum woonsen or Jason's Deli for the best salad bar in town (now that Green Jeans is closed...sniff...).

PowerPump class, reading, work parties, sleeping in, shopping (I got a sweatsuit last Saturday for TWENTY CENTS!), going on dates, baking, Internet surfing, playing Frisbee with the dogs (M & M just split our last Frisbee in two, fighting over it), traveling, going to the movies...whatever tickles your fancy.

Today is going to be especially fun, Lord willing. Karen and her girls are going to Fort Worth with me to see Falisha! Let's hope we have better travel conditions than LAST Saturday when half of El Paso blew through town, leaving sand in our eyes, hair, throats, and all over our cars...

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irene said...

Wow!! I had no idea it was icky! Scary! Yuck!