Friday, July 13, 2007

Bye, bye, birdies.

Taken on the 12th...the babies are growing up fast! (Can you see the baby in the back with its beak up and open? They were disappointed when it was just wormless Camera Lady again...)
And today is Friday, the 13th, which means Karen and I will leave for Austin after work today to attend Jason & Tiffany's wedding. Tonight, we'll take dinner to Aunt Sue and Uncle James and spend the evening in their beautiful home...AND BETHANY IS SUPPOSED TO JOIN US!! Wheee!

Then, tomorrow Karen and I will attend the wedding (I only said two in the RSVP) and then we'll head into Austin. Not sure what we'll do yet, except for one thing about which Bethany is adamant and Karen is enthusiastic--dinner at Chuy's!

Sunday, after worship services at Leander Church of Christ, we'll head back up 183 for Home Sweet Home.


This is the nest as I walked up to it last night, thinking the big bird in the front was the mama about to fly off...but NO, it's just the fattest, grumpiest, and GREEDIEST of the siblings. (In other words, the "Kristy" of the family!) :-)

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