Monday, July 16, 2007

Wedding weekend!

A-town in the house!

Glowing with happiness!

CUTE shoes!

"The Continental" pronounces it "cham-pan-ya."
(We just say "yummy.")


The wedding chariot awaits...


One GREAT thing about this weekend was how much time we were able to spend with Bethany, Aunt Sue, and Uncle James. They all looked great, and we had such a nice time together, with plenty of Mom Sugar & Mom Hugs from Bessie Lou.

Oh, and the food! Karen and I enjoyed real Jersey-style pizza at Saccone's in Cedar Park, a delicious wedding buffet & Kirsten's beautiful wedding cake, a fellowship dinner at Leander Church of Christ, CHUY'S, and TWO of Uncle James' world-famous breakfasts!
What a lovely weekend...what a blessing...

Now Karen begins her cross-country trek with three kids in tow as I wrap up Summer School...and get serious about DIETING and READING the Lone Star selections for next school year and RUNNING with these dogs in the park and SAVING money and PACKING boxes and CLEANING and ORGANIZING.
(Are you jealous yet?)

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Misadventures of the Dynamic Uno said...

Sounds like fun! I had been hoping someone would post pictures of the wedding! I love Kirsten's haircut too. Have fun with the boxes--I'm doing that in reverse as we're supposed to have a garage sale at the end of August. YUCK!