Sunday, July 01, 2007

Fort Worth Fun

What a fun day! Since it was gloomy and humid (we're at the end of an unprecedented super-rainy June)...AND since Bethany announced that she needs to leave Abilene early to get back to Austin for two job interviews...we decided that the $20 entry fee for the 5K run would be better spent on gas and fun in Fort Worth.

Even though Falisha was sick, she still came and joined us for the day. We shopped at Plato's Closet and Ruby, ate at Fortuna's on Camp Bowie, toured The Modern, and (when it finally stopped raining for a minute) visited the Botanical Gardens. We peeked at a wedding held on the Rose Garden steps, snapped a lot of pics, and (thankfully) weren't too far from our car when it started to sprinkle again.

After a quick stop at Central Market, we headed for home. About halfway there, Bethany realized that she hadn't seen Karen or the kids so we took a little side-trip up through Eastland and made a brief visit to Breckenridge. (If I'd known we were heading to Karen's, I would have brought her some of that Seltzer's sweet Lebanon bologna she likes...even though it makes me shudder. I have a pound and a half of the regular Seltzer's in the fridge right now...well, nearly a pound and a half...Bethany and I have been raiding it, slice by slice!)

Karen and her family were such great hosts, considering the late hour of our barely-announced visit (Bethany called when we nearly to Eastland asking if we could come and which highways to take). Karen greeted us with freshly-squeezed non-alcoholic mojitos, complete with mint from her garden. (Out of club soda, she used diet lime soda...and Bethany liked it even better!)

Snaps from the day...

Happy, tired feet.
Ready for their own bed...and a pedicure!

UPDATE: Walked & ran 4.5 miles this morning with the dogs (3 with May Bee and then a mile and a half with Misha) so I don't feel too bad about missing the 5K. When I got home, my clothes and hat were SOAKED with sweat...Bethany used the word "gross" to describe me. (I looked so bad that Dan & Kirsten didn't even recognize me; on the last lap, I saw their Suburban drive by without even waving to Misha and me. LOL)

UPDATE #2: Ooh...forgot to tell you...we got to see the Ron Mueck sculpture exhibit!! Only people on my diet support board know about my love for Ron Mueck, ever since his Big Man graced the cover of Discover magazine in February. (All I could talk or post about for a week or so was the Discover article about the health dangers of visceral fat!)

For more Ron Mueck info:
and (warning: nudity...startling and um, thorough nudity)

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Kirsten said...

Let me comment on this one: I was not in the car with Dan!!!! I would have stopped and made fun of Kristy!!! I would have snapped a pic for the Wordless Wednesday!!! I would have had my fun! But Dan came home and said he "thinks he saw Kristy with the big dog" meaning Mesha!

Oh, well...just wanted to clarify this one :-)