Monday, July 23, 2007

Reasons to smile... (LONG)

Reasons to smile? There's TONS of 'em!

*Friday was the last day of summer school…which makes today the first official day of summer vacation! Bring on the R&R&R (rest, relaxation, and reading)!

*Speaking of reading, the “Welcome Back, Potter” parties at Hastings and Books-A-Million Friday night/Saturday morning were FUN…even though old librarians are no longer used to staying up that late. As I drove home from Hastings, it dawned on me (no pun intended!) that several times in college, we stayed up all night long and actually attended classes the next day without a wink of sleep. (How did we do that? I’ll bet we smelled kinda’ funny and didn’t make a lick of sense...)

*Speaking of Harry Potter, I traded a brand new Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (I bought two copies) for Kirsten’s old refrigerator! She had the good sense to go home and get in bed while I stood in line. (How cool is this?! For years to come, when people compliment the old side-by-side, I can wink and say, “Like that? I bought it with a book.”)

*May Bee hates jazz! Last night, she stalked and growled at the bathroom radio as Jon Faddis played some (admittedly kinda’ high & irritating) trumpet notes from his new CD Teranga. She even walked to the other side of the wall to see if there was something going on BEHIND the radio. It was adorable. She wouldn’t get her teeth brushed until she was sure there wasn’t some creature suffering death throes up on the bathroom counter…

(Funny jazz trivia: In a scene from The Simpsons, the KJAZZ radio station features a sign that says: “Jazz: 152 Americans can’t be wrong.” Snort!)

*When I called Karen to see how her vacation was going, she was safely tucked into our favorite Tuscaloosa hotel--the Quality Inn on Jug Factory Lane! It’s close to a Chili’s and a Taco Casa, a Books-A-Million, and a Food World so you can stock up on groceries, like grapes for the room & drinks for the trip. It also has a pool AND a free breakfast in the morning. And an elevator! When I called, she and the kids were saying their “good nights” to each other and saying their prayers for such a wonderful first day of travel.

*On the second day of her trip, when everything went to heck-in-a-handcart and her car wouldn’t start, the people of Tuscaloosa took the best care of her sweet little family…fellow hotel visitors even carted her around town in their own cars to buy batteries and what-not! (I love America. And The South. Yankees, go home…and stay there.) (Seriously. NOT kidding.)

*May Bee finally (and partially-successfully) socialized with another dog in the park! There was a little growling and tail-tucking on MB’s part and high-pitched squealing on the other dog’s part, but the other lady (the owner of an adopted, formerly-abused Basenji mix) assured me that her dog really, REALLY wanted to interact with other dogs, but just didn’t know how. We mommies patiently allowed them to work up to successfully sniffing and kissing each other, and it made us ALL so happy. (Her dog was afraid of her teenaged son when it first came to live with them, and she also couldn’t take off her shoes without the dog acting like it was about to be beaten. Isn’t that horrible?)

The lady was also glad to see a Gentle Leader on May Bee; she was relieved to know that I wouldn’t think her dog was muzzled. Oh, and she complimented MB on her “good watchdog” properties when a bearded, unfriendly man came up behind us. (Probably a Yankee.) Hooray, May Bee!

*My new White Stripes CD is amazing, and Jack White is a genius, and my next dog will be named Meg in Meg White’s honor. Last night, on the way home from church, I sang “Conquest” (which reminds me of the ‘Sixties, for some reason!?) at the very top of my old, wretched lungs.

*Speaking of church, it was wonderful, as always, and I cry every single week. Oh, and Lynn (a N.H. Yankee who knew my grandparents and is okay in my book) visited last night and stayed for the fellowship dinner afterwards. She had to put down her dog Molly three weeks ago…her best friend of thirteen years. (Please pray for Lynn, who has never felt so alone--two thousand miles from her New England home without her most steadfast companion and trying hard to concentrate on her master’s thesis…)

*Today, I’m putting The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou in the mail back to NetFlix…after watching it three times. Bill Murray is a genius. If kids today only knew how funny he was on SNL. (Remember French camp? “It's a little, bitty cat.” & Strother Martin’s “What we got here is a failure to communicate bilingually!”? Ha!) Oh, and Bill Murray is supposed to star in next year’s The City of Ember film, a book Karen & her kids LOVED.

Plus, NetFlix just mailed me 35 Up in Michael Apted’s Up series; Falisha and I are addicted to these! Every other movie in my queue is an Up documentary!

*Mr. Hufstedler is going to lend me a semi-automatic this fall when I get my license to carry. This way, my dad can take his sweet time shopping for a Makarov…

*God is good. Life is sweet. Tomorrow night we finish up Daniel in Ladies’ Bible Class. Have a great week, everybody!

WEIRD UPDATE: I haven't looked at Google Analytics in ages so a quick visit today held a few surprises! Today's far in 2007, 2,520 visits have been paid to this blog from 32 different countries/territories. The average visitor looks at 1.78 pages and spends eight minutes and 18 seconds on the site. The top keyword search is "Cali Gonzales," and six people came looking for a porn term (bet they left disappointed). The most popular page on this blog, besides the Welcome/index page, is the tribute to Aunt Judy. I've had 24 visits from China, 17 from the UK, 11 from Canada, 7 from India, 6 from Spain...and 103 from Atlanta. (Hi, Atlanta!)


Kirsten said...

Well, I wonder how many 'Yanks' you have offended in todays blog. If I would show this to Dan he would be offended and might get the fridge I have to return the book...please wait till I have read it! Then I'll donate it to the LRC for all the kids to read!

Hey, I am reading again..."Born to Rock", and it is amazingly interesting, of course I have been reading it on the way back from Dallas International where I dropped off my 10 house guests today!
After driving (Dan did the driving home) through the torrential downpour in Weatherford, I was reading, reading, sleeping :-) Woke up as Dan stopped the second time to get some coffee to stay awake!

Oh, well, enough about those Yankees! Have to go to bed and finish the book so I can start HP, and it will be raining tomorrow, so no pool and no housework...just read and relax!

mad4books said...

ISN'T THIS RAIN CRAZY?!? Great for reading, but so weird. The rose bush in front of our house is on its THIRD bloom of the year so far. It's put out three amazingly-tall, amazingly-rapid new stems and buds in the last two weeks.

After having a ~real~ winter for once (with snow in November and April!) and now all this rain, I'm curious about what will happen next...

Locusts? Dust? Lava?

Misadventures of the Dynamic Uno said...

Hey! Some of us Yanks have moved permanently to the South---South Florida! :)

NEVER ask about what happens next--the last time I asked that question, Katrina came along. (Incidentally, it was while I was moving to Texas. No problems when I was moving from Texas.)

The latest HP is fantastic! I actually made it to 3:30 am before I had to go to sleep. How did we do that in college? I remember staying up all night and going to work without sleep a few years ago while teaching...maybe that explains their scores... :)

You're right--there are many reasons to smile! Despite the fact the rain is here, at least our low water areas will rise up. I love roses--how awesome that they're blooming again!

Have a great week--from this former Yank in Florida!