Friday, July 06, 2007

Random pics

Birds' nest in our cactus, with BABIES inside...

Two handsome boys at Kirsten's 4th of July party... well as a pretty young lady trying on her flower girl dress!

And Jaeger soaked up love...

...and attention and affection from all visitors!

Speaking of dogs, Misha & May Bee nearly gave Mike and me HEART ATTACKS last night. I heard Mike yelling for me to get some clothes on (I'd changed into a pajama top to avoid getting lime juice on my Dry Clean Only silk top). After Mike had put up the John Deere, let the dogs out, and taken a shower, he realized that he'd never closed the gate...and our dogs were LONG GONE.

We jumped into our cars and went up and down the neighborhood, calling their names and wishing they had their collars on and praying to Jesus to help us ( least I know what was going on in MY car). Later, after the dogs were safe and home where they belong, it turns out that both of us looked for them on Buffalo Gap Road, afraid that they'd been hit on the giant five lane behemoth just over a block away from our house...and were both relieved when we didn't find them there.

So, anyway, I found them after about ten minutes of frantic searching and praying--they'd stayed together like the good sisters they are!--and they jumped into my car with delight and abandon and got mud all over everything and I don't care one bit. Thank you, Lord, for keeping my babies safe!! Whew!


Steelerfan06 said...

What ever has happened to my poor baby? I wonder where my baby has gone?

"Maybe the dingos ate chyor baby(ies)"

mad4books said...

Yeah. The best comment ever.

Misadventures of the Dynamic Uno said...

How scary! I'm glad the children were returned home safely. Buffalo Gap IS a scary road!