Saturday, March 10, 2007

Livin' on the edge(mont).

WHY AM I UP AT 2:20 IN THE MORNING? Because Mike and I just answered the doorbell with guns drawn. (And that's not just an expression.)

At this moment, there are two drunk men being arrested in our driveway. (They pretended that this was their house, pulled in, and turned off the motor when they realized they were being followed.) The policemen--TWO POLICE CARS, WITH THOSE COOL SPOTLIGHTS TRAINED ON OUR YARD!--asked us if we wanted them off the property. (Mike said "yes," if you were wondering.)

So we're completely awake now. Mike let the dogs (going CRAZY in the laundry room during all this) in for some play time. I'm back in bed, but not a bit sleepy anymore.

Here's what I fear. The police will arrest the men and leave their car behind mine so I can't back out and go to aerobics in six and a half hours. Or worse...the police will realize (as I did when I passed a policeman on the way back from Ann Thai Kitchen earlier today!) that my registration ran out in February and there will be a ticket under my windshield wiper.

Oh, well. At least the drunks and I park in the driveway like Republicans. Mike parks in the yard. (Hold on...isn't THAT illegal? Mike and I may *both* have citations on our vehicles in the morning.)

Life is so FUN!!!! There's always an adventure in this neighborhood...last week, Miss Ina and this week, the Driveway Drunks. :-)

UPDATE (7:15 a.m): The car was gone so it seemed perfectly safe & normal to let Misha go out and fetch the paper and earn her daily spoonful of PB. Well, there were WAY too many curious smells out there. There was a used tissue and a soft drink lid.

Plus, three cigarette butts and two pepper packets.

But here's the MOST INTERESTING Drunken Driveway Detritus...this suspicious moisture:

It's on the other side of the car from the discarded soda lid. This is on the driver's side. Did he tinkle? Upchuck?

I personally think it was the former because May Bee went crazy when she got to this smell, and Misha tinkled around it. (May Bee ate both pepper packets, btw...AND the man's used tissue, which I extracted from the back of her throat before she could swallow it. Ick, ick.)

Notice complete lack of regard for the newspaper Misha was sent to fetch...and completely ignored to investigate the Smell Smörgåsbord.

Time to take this crackerjack K-9 unit back outside to hunt for any Baggies tossed into the lantana bushes...

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Kirsten said...

What a start to your Spring Break! I'll read every morning now for an update on the ongoings in your yard :-) Need a place to stay so you can sleep? Oh, maybe not, you might just be bringing the 'guys' over here!

Lets spring the sheep on them ;-)

LOL, Kirsten

Sandra said...

Thanks for the pix ;O

I did not know Abilene was that exciting...

mad4books said...

Kirsten's *sheep* comment above will make sense after you see the movie trailer here: