Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Saturday, Saturday! (Part two.)

Saturday was so fun! Here's Karen's first-ever trip to The Container Store. She arrived with class, too--in the front seat of Falisha's hot, red Camaro!

Oh, and you can see the *jacket* of the sweat suit that only cost me TWENTY CENTS! It's pink and quilted, and Mike doesn't like it and calls it my "Russian peasant costume"...whatever that means. (Ha! That only makes me like it more, Comrade! )

Between us, Karen and I would have made Nanny so proud. We packed Wet Wipes, brownies, apples, Wheat Thins, rosemary nuts, Nilla Wafers, and 2 kinds of Pringles. We had a full-page printout of Fort Worth consignment shops (which helped us find the totally excellent Plato's Closet, which Karen's former boss used as a business model).

The only "Nanny thing" we didn't pack was her traveling staple...a Thermos of coffee; however, we DID meet at the Eastland Starbucks to fuel ourselves with caffeine before we hit the road. (Nanny would have liked that, but she would have fussed about the prices.) :-)

Another thing we did that would have made Nanny and Bobo proud was a slight trip deviation to visit the Eastland County courthouse to show the kids Ol' Rip, the horned toad that lived all those years in the cornerstone of the old courthouse (?) and then traveled the U.S. in a sideshow, eventually visiting Calvin Coolidge in D.C.! He was lying in his plush little coffin in a viewing window of the courthouse, with a little pedestal in front so kids can peek in, too.
R.I.P, Ol' Rip.

We didn't get to have long with Falisha because she was headed to the science museum's Body World's exhibit.
This exhibit is here until May, and *part* of me wants to go, but *most* of me is pretty creeped out by it. Falisha and my friend Ann say it's a don't-miss, but they love All Things Medical...and I, otoh, had to be given smelling salts after watching Karen's out-patient minor surgery. (She wasn't allowed to drive herself home after the procedure so Squeamish Big Sister came along...and nearly passed out. Everyone had a good laugh at how pale I went, including Karen who giggled through getting stitched up! Ha, ha.)
Karen and the girls also paid their first visit to the delicious la Madeleine on Camp Bowie.
You could live your whole life on Camp Bowie and Hulen and not miss anything but the joy of travel. Seriously! Hospitals, bookstores, Central Market, Double Exposure, Ben & Jerry's, health clubs, Souper Salad...if there's a funeral home, you could go from cradle to grave on these two streets alone. (The bad news is that the audio bookstore where I bought the Gregory Peck-narrated Bible is gone. So is the Camp Bowie Dunkin' Donuts AND the Borders near the Hulen Mall. Sniff.)

Oh, hey--leaving the la Madeleine, I found a dime in the parking lot near my tire. Guess that means this outfit only cost TEN cents! lol (Now Scottish Grandpa Reid is proud.) :-)

Reading: The Dream-Maker's Magic (grades 7-10) and Romans 9
Today's health food: apple (a.m. snack) & spinach salad (lunch)


Courtney said...

Oh Kristy!
How jealous I am that you spent a whole day going to all my favorite places...La Madeline...Starbucks...THE CONTAINER STORE!!! *le sigh* I wish I could have joined in the fun and excitment.
I miss you.
I have to keep up with life through this and it is a wonderful thing.


Linda said...

Honestly, Kristy, do you set your alarm to get up at 3:33 a.m. so we will think that you never sleep? WHY AREN'T YOU IN BED AT THAT HOUR? Please, don't burn your candle at both ends, or there won't be any candle left when I "G.T.T."!

I'm glad that Falisha remembered her camera (or were those pictures taken with a cell phone?) I was anxiously awaiting seeing all of you in Cow Town. What a bunch of pretty girls! And yes, your grandfather Reid and your Nanny Greek would both be very proud of you and yours.

I think Nanny would be proud of Tom tonight, too. Using her chili recipe, he made enchiladas for a family of 7 whose house burned down last night here in Schuyler, and there was enough left for us to have some for our supper. Good stuff!

Salute to Ol' Rip, and lots of love to each one of you,
Mom/Grandma/"Miss Linda"