Saturday, March 17, 2007

Thanks for all of your prayers!

Here's the text of the email I just sent out to friends & family...

The good news is that Bethany PASSED HER TEST with flying colors (and even got positive comments on the comment cards left by passengers!) and is officially a flight attendant for Republic Airways. She has until the 25th to find an apartment in Houston, her home base.

Our Bessie Lou is learning so much about herself and people and professionalism and business and safety and the world...and the value of comfortable shoes, too.


We've actually had THREE different phone conversations this morning while she endured *another* long wait in an airport. She figures she's spent more than 20 hours sitting in airports in the last week alone. (Good thing she keeps a pencil & crossword puzzle book in her purse like her Grandma Fowler!)

BTW, Bethany says that I'm the only person she can safely call at 5:45 in the morning (I was on my way to Kirsten's house to feed her Rottweiler when my cell phone rang), but she teased me about going to bed at 7 p.m. each night. We joked about how I'm on "European time," getting up earlier and going to bed earlier than most Americans, and we also came up with a new term for the obscenely early hours we keep..."blankety blank o'clock."

(We don't use dirty words; we really say "blankety blank.") LOL!

Thanks again for lifting Bethany up in prayer this week...and I'd LOVE it if you'd keep her on your prayer list as she moves to crime-riddled Houston to fly the terrorist-peppered skies! (Nanny's "worry gene" is working overtime...)


UPDATE: Later in the morning, while on KTAB looking for the weather forecast, I saw the list of Abilenians with warrants at .

TONS of my former students were on the list including one of my all-time favorites in twenty years of teaching. This poor kid had the world's worst luck. If a ceiling tile fell in a freak accident, it would land on "Johnny." If anyone had a weird vein in their burger, it would be him. He could break desks or pencil sharpeners just by standing next to them; brand-new pens would run out of ink if pressed into his sweaty hand. Once, while taking a walk behind his house, he found a dead hobo. (Not kidding. And it's not funny, anyway!) Just a poor homeless traveler who just decided to nap under a bridge WAY too close to "Johnny's" bad karma...

Oh, and you can imagine my shock when I saw "Kristy Fowler" on the list and amusement at "Alexander Graham Bell." (Do you think someone gave the officer a false name?)
Hey! It's St. Patrick's Day! Wishing everyone I love (and my former student, "Johnny") the Luck of the Irish today!
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bo_berrin said...

I'm so happy for Bethany! I've written her and we'll all be praying for her.

Lucky O'Fiddles

Linda said...

Hi, "Greenie,"
Wow, I was somewhat surprised that the warrant list did NOT include a name which I had fully expected to see, with the initials of J.R. As for the name of one "Kristy Kay Fowler," all I can say is, "Thank God for middle names!" How about that "Samarn Suwampiboon" for a name? Did you ever bubble his grades? Hee-hee!

Hoo-ray for Bethany! I hope she likes the job, as it comes with lots of long waits in airports and nights spent in strange motels! God bless her, and put His hedge about her, and bear her up on Eagles' wings! (In one year and one month, she will be old enough to get her concealed weapon permit! I think flight attendants need to be armed--if not on board, then in their motel rooms.)
Leprechaun Lizzie

irene said...

Yay Bethany!! I've been meaning all week to check in with you about her. We'll be praying!
~Twindle Whiskeybreath